Tell Me When I'm Dead - Steven Ramirez
Tell Me When I'm Dead should not be read while eating a plate of spaghetti. Steven Ramirez has hit the nailheads on the head, preferably with an axe in full swing. Those aren't the guys you should be scared of, it's the draggers who have their cake and eat it, usually with a liberal helping of Kensington Gore.
Dave Pulaski has been a loser all his young life until he meets Holly. She cleans up his act, gets him to give up alcohol and that means his best friend Jim too. But Jim is like a lost puppy without Dave and won't go away. Dave replaces his addiction to booze with meaningless sex with Missy, but Missy wants so much more, more than Dave can ever give her. Now she is real pissed at Dave and so is Jim for being dumped. Along comes the jimmies, a contagious infection transmitted by a bite.
To Dave's horror Jim becomes a dragger, the walking dead and Jim is upset at Dave and wants his dindins. And so Dave's life escalates into madness and mayhem as first Jim, then Missy go gutmunching crazy for Dave's innards. Then his wife leaves him. Can things get worse for our hapless hero? They certainly do.
Dave has to rescue the woman who hates him, save his town from zombies and crazed militia not to mention gun-toting private contractors with hidden agendas. So fasten your seatbelts and take a wild slay ride into hell in North California where if you are lucky dinner will not be served on a splatter.
A FIVE STAR gorefest and a must read for all zombie fans looking for something fresh and still warm.