Luna Aeturnus - Simon Okill
Luna Aeturnus continues Eternal's struggle for supremacy with the evil Count Lucien. Still trapped in the asylum she now has her true love, Edouard to protect her. But he is a mere human mortal and must confront the savage vampire Count Lucien. First, Edouard's curiosity as a psychiatrist forces him to reveal Eternal's past life, and the more he learns the more he loves her and accepts his honour-bound duty to protect and love her. Second, Edouard discovers vile horrors within the asylum and must find a way to escape with Eternal and fulfil his destiny. The pace is frantic with terrifying flashbacks to great battles, incredible history reveals that made me gasp in wonder, but most of all the Gothic romance oozes with sexual tension and mystery laced with blood and fear, culminating in a magnificent finale that left me breathless.
This is a must read for all lovers of paranormal romance and has the added bonus of a Gothic style worthy of Edgar Alan Poe and Clive Barker.