The Ivory Tower - a short story - Kirstin Pulioff
The Ivory Tower by Kirstin Pulioff is a captivating YA fantasy short story that captured my imagination. Number 277, Simone, has been inquisitive to the point of having to know what lies beyond the boundary of barbed wire surrounding their camp. She uses her friend Christine to play hide and seek in the woods to search beyond the boundary and discovers the dreaded Ivory Tower, an ancient monolith of moss covered bricks painted white. She must find out its secret no matter the cost.
This is a classic rendering of curiosity kills the cat set in a dystopian society rebuilding from a massive disaster. Everyone at the camp has been told the Ivory Tower is evil and must stay clear of its influence. Simone, being an orphan and deemed the lowest on the human ladder of society disobeys. What does she discover in the tower that could change everything. Read this wonderful short story to find out.
A FIVE STAR fantasy suitable for the whole family.