Heaven's Closed - Lucy Pireel
Heaven's Closed by Lucy Pireel is two short stories that are linked by a common theme which I cannot divulge as I don't want to spoil readers' enjoyment.
Heaven's Gate has a lone woman walking a dark street once stalked by sexual predators, but is now used for a different purpose as a mysterious man follows the woman for reasons that the writer leaves up to the reader to figure out. A twisted film noir with an ambiguous plot.
Writer's Magic has twin sisters intensely jealous of each other's men and success both lured to a New Year's Eve party by men who are not what they seem. As the sisters struggle with their jealousy so the men overpower them and reveal themselves to be something otherworldly, but the sisters are far more than mere human females and so a struggle for power on New year's Eve can only end in ....
You will have to read these enthralling short stories by Lucy to find out what happens.
I highly recommend the FOUR STAR Heaven's Closed for reader's who enjoy Stephen King's short stories.