I Am Nine - Diane Major
When I started reading I am Nine by Diane Major I assumed the story was about a 9 year old girl surviving a zombie apocalypse. This incredible book is so much more than that. The pace never lets up as the author starts with 5 year old Naomi leading a normal family life until a virus kills off most of the world's population. Through Naomi's eyes we are taken on her terrifying journey as she and her family race against time to find a ship that will take them away from death. But the authorities only allow Naomi to leave. Poor miserable Naomi is left on a passenger liner with the rest of the healthy survivors and sent to a destination unknown.
Diane Major uses a first person narrative with very little dialogue to great effect. She describes Naomi's new life with such love and precision that this reader felt every emotion full on. We are taken on a journey that takes all of Naomi's childhood and dumps it into the ocean. She has to grow up fast, real fast. The older she gets the more dangers she faces until the ultimate test draws near - food is running out - a shore party must search for provisions. Naomi and teenage boys set foot on land for the first time in a decade, but they are attacked by vicious devil dogs. Naomi is left behind.
From this point the story develops into a perfect survival of the fittest as Naomi meets Nine, another survivor and together they create their own life, forever hunted by packs of devil dogs, cannibals, starvation. We are deluged with breathless scenes of action, heart-wrenching moments of anguish and brief intervals of joy and love. This amazing adventure as it all and I recommend I am Nine to all readers of YA and older.
A brilliant FIVE STAR action-packed survival course. Highly recommended!