Love Is Never Past Tense... - Janna Yeshanova
Love Is Never Past Tense by Janna Yeshanova is a wonderful trip through the eventful life of the author. Her colourful descriptions of 1970s life in Odessa are so vivid I actually remember my own adventures during that period. She really got to grips with the way people talked back then and skilfully blended dialogue as only Russians speak. I was expecting first person here, but Janna used third instead and without losing any emotional impact. I take my hat off to her. Her love for Russia is evident in every word, phrase, sentence and page, imbuing the novel with a richness it so deserves. The sea-saw love story is well handled over a 40 year period without losing any impetus to the lives of Janna and Serge and their feelings. I loved this adventurous romance revolving around a part of history that tore mother Russia apart. Will those events tear Janna and Serge apart or is their love truly never past tense.
A FIVE STAR ROMANCE with its heart in the right place.