Galactic Energies - Luca  Rossi, Andrea Pakieser
Galactic Energies by Luca Rossi is a book that left me gasping like a fish out of water. This incredible collection of futuristic short stories is full of imagination gone wild where anything goes and does with regular abandon. We kick off with two young Italian computer geeks who create the perfect banking software that gets the Star Trek treatment and goes rogue. There are mind-altering tales of artificial intelligence that we become dependent upon at our own detriment. Holographic prisons run by a sadistic female with a penchant for bondage. Society run by robots, witches in an alternate universe which was so Philip K Dick only more visually written. Every aspect of the human condition runs the gauntlet of Luca's imagination in this futuristic Kafkaesque collection of quality cut gems.
I give this fantasy novel FIVE STARS and highly recommend it to all fans of scifi.