Darkest Secrets - Dominique Vandorien
Darkest Secrets (Immortalis Amor#1)by Dominique Vandorien is an amazingly brave sensual book that has left me wondering why I hadn't read it sooner. At first seems shockingly explicit and delving into the dark world of sexual obsession, this is in fact the first part of the author's life trapped in a cult, laid bare for all to read, no sugar-coating, pure hard candy, but oh so tastefully done. Dominique's writing style is brilliant and lends itself perfectly to the task of telling the world what she went through as a younger woman.
I am not going to divulge a word of the story as nothing I can say would be good enough to equal Dominique's own words. She does fall for the charms, and I say that in the loosest terms, for the tall dark handsome type, who is manipulative to the extreme. So all I can recommend is if you like your sex laid bare, truthful, inspiring, dominant, paranormal, submissive, obsessive and above all breathlessly orgasmic then I highly recommend this incredible expose of Dominique's life - FIVE INCREDIBLE STARS!