The Saladin Strategy - Norm Clark
The Saladin Strategy (Book #2 of the Jack McDuff Series) by Norm Clark is one hell of a ride. I had a hard time putting this book down as it took over my life for the two days it took to read it. So be prepared to make time, forget dinner, supper or sleep, even a bath or two and read this brilliant cloak-and-dagger spy novel.
Jack is living in Italy, when he is pulled into the murky world of terrorism by an intercepted message from the Middle East. Something is brewing - something big! Norm does a fantastic job of infusing every page with tension and action. Even when the reader scans computer messages with hidden codes, the author manages to pile on the tension and interest to know more. As the pieces of the puzzle fit together, so the body count goes up and the true horror of the Jihad plot is revealed.
This spy thriller spans the globe in true James Bondian style, but Norm improves on Fleming's books by a million miles. He has certainly hit the nail on the head with 3Ls - Ludlum, Lustbader and LeCarre in what is surely the stand out spy thriller series of the decade.
FIVE STARS and highly recommended