A Wonderful Piece of Dark Mahogany - Ju Ephraime
A Wonderful Piece of Dark Mahogany by Ju Ephraime is the second book I have read by this wonderful author and I am happy to say it will keep every lover of chick lit erotic romance begging for more.
Mel literally bumps into Craig while rushing to catch her bus. One look into his golden eyes and dark as mahogany features is enough. Mel is in love. Over the next two days Mel and Craig meet at the same place they first met and the sparks sure do fly. It is obvious to Mel that Craig has the same feelings for her.
Then disaster strikes! Their busy lives separate them and as hard as they try they cannot seem to find each other. Also something sinister and disturbing lurks in the shadows, something that needs to keep these perfect lovers apart.
The author manages to keep the usual clich├ęs at bay while revealing a gorgeous story full of sexual tension, intrigue, danger, fear and plenty of lust. Set on the beautiful island of St Lucia, the scenery is to die for and will have readers booking holidays there and some might never leave.
For an easy on the eyes read I highly recommend this erotic romance and give it FIVE STARS.