Encounter - Dermot Davis, H. Raven Rose
Encounter by Dermot Davis is an out-of-this-world scifi extravaganza that had this reader hooked from page 1. The brilliance of the author is galactic in his capacity to mix wisdom, religion, addiction and every other ion that makes us human and reinvent them all with lashings of humour not seen since The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Hank is a slob! There that sums him up perfectly. He falls asleep drunk in front of his busted telly every night inside his busted trailer. Unknown to Hank, he is being monitored by two idiot aliens by manipulating the TV as a viewing screen. These aliens, N and N2 are the stars of the story as they mess up everything they do in megaspades. N & N2 are supposed to find suitable human guinea-pigs for their insidious experiments but OOPS! They do the exact opposite.
Now they have to travel to the worst dump in the universe - Earth to correct their mistake.
Once on Earth, Dermot goes into warp speed with the humour as N & N2 experience humanity first hand. I couldn't stop laughing as they fall foul of everything we fall foul of only multiply the effects exponentially to the Nth degree.
I so enjoyed spotting movie moments too and without a doubt this FIVE STAR scifi with humour is so highly recommended I would bet everything this will become a movie success.