The Bone Church: A Novel - Victoria Dougherty
The Bone Church by Victoria Dougherty is a sumptuous cross-examination of the human condition and reminded this reader of the later work of Alistair MacLean. There are two story lines brilliantly interwoven describing the lives of Magdalena and Felix. We have the Cold War of 1956 in Czechoslovakia and the Nazi occupation of that country during WWII. Both occupying forces showed a callous resentment to Jews and Gypsies and it is here the author excels at delving into the human psyche.
This reader marvelled at the lengths these subjugated people would go to survive, never losing their dignity, never degrading, always uplifting with hope on the distant horizon. I loved the journey Magdalena and Felix endured, so well described in a minimalist style that left plenty for this reader to imagine and mull over. The assortment of characters they met were wonderfully entertaining and some extremely unpleasant. The feeling of paranoia and mistrust bled from every page and created anxiety in my own mind too. I really stepped into the lead characters' minds and lived through their eyes, endured their suffering and heartbreak.
And finally there is the Bone Church, a mystical place and all I will say here is the author's description created a stunning masterpiece that should be hung in the Louvre. Incredible.
This FIVE STAR Cold War thriller is so highly recommended I would say beyond all doubt this would be declared the thriller novel of the year.