Viral Intent - Judith Townsend  Rocchiccioli
Viral Intent by Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli is a flawlessly paced medical thriller of the highest standard. This third book in the Alex Destephano Series pulls no punches and bravely tackles the ever-increasing problem of terrorism.
Crescent City Medical Center has had its share of troubles, but nothing can compare to a deadly unknown viral attack. Again, Hospital Lawyer Alex Destephano tackles this new threat head on with her usual gusto and guile. With the help of Jack Francoise, top cop of NOPD they try to piece together a complex puzzle that threatens not just all of New Orleans but the President, who happens to be visiting.
The author cleverly mixes high tech planning from CDC, FBI and Secret Service with the cynical and callous actions of the terrorists. I especially enjoyed the character of the mysterious Russian. Well done to the author for establishing a great mystery character within all the mayhem.
This medical thriller rates up there with the best that there is to offer and if you like your books fast-paced, high tech, guns ablazing with mystery too, then this book will satisfy all your needs.
A FIVE STAR thriller that is highly recommended.