Billabong Flood  (Dreaming Billabong, #4). - Ryn Shell
Billabong Flood (Dreaming Billabong, #4) by Ryn Shell is the incredible third book in an Australian family saga on a grand scale not seen since the Thornbirds. For this reader Ryn Shell's books are so much better as they delve not only into the day-to-day struggles of a family in the Outback but also involve the politics of the time and changing values to the Aboriginal peoples.
I enjoyed the wonderful descriptions, the native dialogue which is so unique and to my amazement, the author never fell into the old cliché trap. The action, although slow-paced is beefed up with the force mother nature inflicts on the dusty community in the shape of a massive flood that leaves everyone dependent on help such as fly-by food drops. The situation is not helped when ruthless criminals are also stranded and have a sinister agenda of their own.
If you love character-driven scenes, intense action, mystery and Australian humour then this book is right up your alley.
A FIVE STAR Family Drama full of great action sequences and love for a country not written enough about. Highly Recommended.