Phantom Bigfoot & The Haunted House (Phantom Bigfoot Series, #3) - Simon Okill
Phantom Bigfoot & The Haunted House by Simon Okill delves into new territory with paranormal romance shape-shifter-wise. It is an all out funfest for teens and adults alike and is a pure joy to read. A perfect book for the beach this summer.
Duane has only one task to complete for The Elders, aliens who altered him to protect Bigfoot in Big Beaver's forest. He has to get Sheriff Lou and Agent Virgil hitched Bigfoot-style before the Lover's Moon wanes. That's two nights hence. No worries.
But an old girlfriend drops by with more problems than he could ever handle, but handle her he must and does with teen gusto. Now distracted from his duty as Guardian Duane and his sidekick, MB, create the ultimate prank, but in doing so awaken a grouchy ghost with a riddle that must be solved.
Duane can't solve the riddle as he has more pressing matters to deal with, but the ghost goes all Phantom Bigfoot and thwarts Duane's every chance at success. Can Duane appease the ghost and get Lou and Virgil hitched on the magic Jooobaaa happy juice in time?
This FIVE STAR next instalment in the Phantom Bigfoot Series is a must read for all animal lovers and those he like a good chuckle. Highly recommended!!