Where Love Takes You - Rebecca Scarberry, Francis Potts
Where Love Takes You by Rebecca Scarberry is a cosy romance to bring a smile on a rainy day. The story continues with Henry the pigeon who while the love of his life is getting all broody, his mistress also falls for a dashing English gent.
And as the love affairs flourish so interest in Henry's attributes comes from the English charmer who races pigeons back home. The story picks up apace when we cross the Atlantic and discover the fancy world of pigeon fanciers' racing events.
As Henry shows what he's made of so the reader will discover the wonders of the English way of life and amusing confusing language. The love story is set at a gentle pace with a few thrilling moments involving our hero Henry to make the heart flutter.
This FVE STAR romance is a joy to read for those who want a more gentle pace of life. Highly recommended.