To Love Again - Sandra  Love
To Love Again (Repaired Hearts, #1) by Sandra Love is a sweet adult romance. Elle goes to college and falls in love with Liam. The immediate attraction is tempered by Liam's wealthy parents' disapproval as Elle is from the wrong side of town.
The author does a great job of showing Elle and Liam's love withstanding what in most cases would be a deal-breaker for sure. With their love so strong, they get married and soon Elle is pregnant and worries this will cause a rift between her and Liam. She is left in tears as Liam rises to the occasion, a true knight in shining white armour.
But as their love grows stronger something dark and foreboding lurks just beyond the horizon to test Elle's inner strength to the limits.
An event so devastating meets the young couple head on. Again the author does a wonderful job of wringing out every drop from a tearful situation, so get those hankies ready.
Can Elle overcome the terrible darkness that befalls her, can she drag herself from a crushing limbo and join the living again? Can she bring herself to love her premature baby?
This FIVE STAR adult romance is highly recommended for all lovers of tearjerkers.