Vulgarian Vamp (Wendy Darlin Tomb Raider Book 5) - Barbara Silkstone
Vulgarian Vamp (Wendy Darlin Tomb Raider Book 5) by Barbara Silkstone is a wonderfully funny paranormal romp for all ages to enjoy. From the brilliant opening chapter that throws the reader right into the deep end of the ocean, this reader could not put the book down. I loved every wonderfully amusing page full of girlish anecdotes, snarky remarks and pure adventure of the hair-raising, blow-drying, room-service kind.
Wendy Darlin is getting married, well she kinda has too. One would think the tomb-raiding business would be set aside so she can marry future hubby Doc Roger Jolley in the strangest of all countries - Vulgaria. And of course Wendy attracts all manner of strange characters and weird goings on of the vampire kind. Cue a plethora of vampire in jokes, name dropping and such teasing I couldn't stop chuckling.
This book is a must for all readers who like their tongues firmly in their cheeks, like snippy humor at its best and most of all love to have a laugh.
FIVE STARS for this paranormal adventure for all the family and very highly recommended.