Wendy Darlin Tomb Raider - Boxed Set - Barbara Silkstone
All three books are wonderfully funny and would suit all age groups. The author has the knack for a brilliant opening chapter that throws the reader right into the deep end of the action. This reader could not put the books down. I loved every wonderfully amusing page full of girlish anecdotes, snarky remarks and pure adventure of the hair-raising, blow-drying, room-service kind.
Wendy Darlin is fantastic character who is introduced in book 1 with her snarky attitude to combat the hilarious situations she finds herself in. In book 2 she meets and falls for the enigmatic Doc Roger Jolley while tackling London lowlifes and even a couple of equally snarky geese. In book 3 Wendy attracts all manner of strange characters and weird goings on of the Indiana Jones kind. Cue a plethora of in jokes, name dropping and such teasing I couldn't stop chuckling.
These books are a must for all readers who like their tongues firmly in their cheeks, like snippy humor at its best and most of all love to have a laugh.
FIVE STARS for this Adventuresome Box Set for all the family and very highly recommended.