Chaysing Dreams - Jalpa Williby
Chaysing Dreams (Chaysing Trilogy #1) by Jalpa Williby is an engrossing teen romance full of mystery, twists and turns, nightmares and danger. The author is highly imaginative and this book deserves every success and awards.
Teenager, Tess is plagued by a chasing dream where a girl flees for her life from an unknown entity. The dream is terrifying for Tess for she cannot fathom its subconscious meaning. Is it a warning of events to happen or perhaps a reminder of her forgotten past?
The wonderfully written first tense story follows Tess from high school into college where she falls in love with Chris, enigmatic mystery man. But the more she falls for him the darker her life becomes. Is her dream trying to tell her something? Is she in danger from Chris? Read this mystery romance to find the answers and hop on board book two.
FIVE STARS for this teen romance and highly recommended.